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Tobra Bone Basket®

Innovative autograft bone collection system that features an ultra-fine mesh filtration basket for maximum bone collection with a solid-state graft compressor that produces high-quality bone output

Since 2017, Surgeons and Staff Prefer Tobra Bone Basket

Maximum Collection: Bone Basket captures everything. The ultra-fine mesh filter collects even the smallest bone particles.

Quality Output: Surgeons need moldable, workable and graft ready material. The integrated solid-state graft compressor produces high-quality output and Tobra is the only product in the industry that provides this feature.

Flow: Surgeons don’t have the time to deal with a clogged collector. Bone Basket’s SureFlow anti-clogging technology with filter cleaning, ensures continuous fluid filtration. Collection without interruption.

Ease of Use: Single-step connection, 4’ of soft tubing, and a high-capacity 25cc removable and transportable capture basket allows for easy setup and use.

Value: Autograft (Gold Standard) provides surgeons a less expensive alternative to expensive allograft bone substitutes. Every collected cc offers significant savings for the facility and aids in successful fusion outcomes.