Products: Tobra Medical Bone Basket (Part # BB-100)

Bone Collection Made Easy

The patented Tobra Medical Bone Basket is an innovative surgical device that assists surgeons in maximizing the collection of autologous bone, during bone drilling, for use as a bone graft. The Bone Basket is designed small and compact for in-line collection that is easy to set up. The Bone Basket is provided sterile, and is a single use device that offers an economical value by reducing the amount or potential need for costly bone substitutes, biologics and allografts. It’s user friendly, one-step design includes a removable collection basket, plunger, cup, and connected 4 foot flexible tubing.

Collecting Better Patient Outcomes

The key component of the Tobra Bone Basket is the unique removable mesh basket. The size and pattern of the mesh basket has been specifically designed and tested to capture bone dust, while allowing for a continuous non-stop filtration of blood and irrigation fluids. This is important for the surgeons because there is no interruption of surgery to change cups or monitor cup irrigation levels. The 25ml basket is removable for easy transport of autograph bone to the bone preparation area and minimizes any direct handling of the collected bone dust. The biggest advantage of the Bone Basket is that the mesh basket can be inverted to maximize a complete removal of all bone dust and bone particles from the device. This insures that there will be no wasted autologous bone that has been captured in the collection basket.

The plunger helps to further assist bone particle separation when pressed by squeezing out any additional blood and irrigation from bone matter.

The cup is designed with specifically positioned inlet and outlet ports to allow for a continuous flow design that creates a manipulable, moldable, dry and graft ready bone yield. This design also allows for continuous suction flow that eliminates any down time to empty the cup of irrigation or blood.

Finally, the Bone Basket has 4 foot of flexible tubing that is supplied sterile and connected to the inlet port of the Bone Basket to allow for a fast, efficient and easy in-line set up for the staff. The flexible tubing also helps reduce surgeon fatigue during surgery.


Connect suction tubing from canister or vacuum source to OUT barb connector on Bone Basket. Attach suction tip to open end of tubing coming from the IN barb.

Suction bone, blood and irrigation fluids during procedure.

When device is not suctioning bone dust, depress the plunger to compress and separate the bone dust from blood and irrigation fluid.

Unscrew the cap and pull the collection basket from the device.

Invert the collection basket to remove bone material or use surgical tool to remove material. The collection basket should not be inverted more than two times.